Seventh anniversary matters

We are going through some tough times at the minute. COVID 19 has affected every aspect of our lives. The past week has been a very strange one as the nation went into lockdown. Normal schooling was suspended with schools opening only for children of essential workers who could not make child care arrangements. Governing board meetings were either cancelled or held using different online platforms. This week is a special one as far as this blog is concerned as, today, 28th March, I celebrate seven, yes seven years of blogging! In the past I have celebrated my blog’s birthday by publishing a celebratory blog. I debated if I should do it this year. After thinking it over, I thought I should. Firstly it is an important milestone for me and secondly I think it helps to maintain routines during stressful times.

When I started blogging, I wasn’t sure how long I would keep going or if people would want to read my posts. Seven years later I have build up a following for which I am very grateful. A look at the past year.

The top ten most viewed posts were:

Ofsted Grade Descriptors, Sept 2015. Guest post by Shena Lewington

Vice Chair matter

Removal of the outstanding exemption: Consultation matters

Ofsted Inspection Handbook (Sept 2018) and governance matters

Self evaluation matters

School inspection update (Nov 2019) matters

Governors and curriculum matters

Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework and governance matters

Good practice matters for governing bodies

And the post which had the most views was Ofsted questions for governors

Most of the people who read my blogs have been referred to my site via Facebook and Twitter. There were 4 views via Pinterest which I was not expecting! I don’t know about you but I like looking at countries where my blog has been viewed. This year the most views were in UK and USA. I wonder what brought people living in Mongolia and Brunei to my blog!

The five most used search terms which led users to my blog were:

Governor ofsted questions

Local authority associated person

Ofsted governor questions

Blogs for governors five things secondary governors should know about data

New school staff wellbeing question

I have enjoyed blogging and sharing my thoughts with you during these seven years. Thank you to all who read/comment/share my blogs. Hopefully, I’ll see you at my 8th anniversary party! Till then, stay calm, stay well and keep governing.

4 thoughts on “Seventh anniversary matters

  1. seankfletcher

    Congratulations on your seventh anniversary. Always informative and thought provoking. I hope you are staying safe and are well in the COVID-19 landscape we are now in.

    I have been following what is happening in the UK. In my part of the world (Western Australia), due to its size, travel between regions within the state have been restricted, police checkpoints are in place and on the spot fines of $1,000 for not following social distancing are being issued. Both our PM and Premiers are showing exceptional leadership on this issue and for the first time in Australia’s history a National Cabinet is in place (this has not even happened in wartime!).

    I am supporting a local government at the moment and governance arrangements are changing on a day to day basis. The implementation of social distancing strategies, good hygiene practices and the need to hold meetings on-line has seen the introduction of new regulations to allow elected members to attend council meetings remotely. I am currently developing a guide they can follow to ensure that meeting procedures are observed in this new environment.

    Keep blogging and stay safe and well 🙂

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