I am a trustee of a primary MAT and a member of the local governing body of a secondary school. I strongly believe that outstanding governance is essential if we are to have outstanding schools. This doesn’t happen by chance! We need to make sure our governing boards are professional bodies with members who have the requisite skills.

To find out more about me, read the post I had written for the “Who I am, what I do series.

To find out why I decided to become a governor, read my guest post for John Dexter, YBA Governor.

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To read about some non-governance related stuff switch over to my other blog, A Roller In the Ocean.

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  3. Terence Ayres

    Dear Naureen
    First thank you for the ‘follow’ on twitter, much appreciated. Second I have just been adopted by a RSPA cat – she is still learnng what is like to be queen of her domain.
    Naureen for over 20 + years I had the pleasure of serving as CoG of an inner city primary: so I was a governor pre digital age in fact when with the head teacher we had the temerity to suggest that school governance should go paperless which was picked up by the Guardian newspaper (Janet Owen) Following on we created Online Governer which was viewed by a team from the Dfe with positive results.
    We finally finished the last upgrade of the Clerking system to encompass multi site application, MATs, LAs etc. Thats by-the-by, what may be of interest to you is the OG Governors Library which could be useful to store and upgrade the information you offer to governors.
    https://goo.gl/viG1QB dfe team


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