Eight anniversary matters

Last year when I published a blog celebrating seven years of blogging, I did it as the nation went into lockdown. At that time I didn’t think that we would still be living with restrictions a year later. But we are and, like last year, I am going to celebrate eight years of blogging because it’s an important milestone for me and because I think maintaining routines are even more important during stressful times.

Because of the strange year we’ve lived through, I didn’t blog as much as I normally do. When I started blogging, I wasn’t sure how long I would keep going or if people would want to read my posts. Eight years later I have build up a following for which I am very grateful. A look at the past year.

The top ten most viewed posts were

10. Accountability matters during the COVID-19 crisis; BELMAS RIG presentation

9. Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework and governance matters

8. Staff wellbeing surveys matter: Guest Post

7. Self evaluation matters

6. Vision statement matters

5. Online complaint panel matters

4. Igniting passion for governance matters

3. Virtual meetings matter: Lessons from the pandemic

2. Ofsted Questions for Governors

And the most viewed post was

Good practice matters for governing bodies

The top ten search term which brought people to my site were

  • ofsted questions for governors
  • questions ofsted ask governors
  • ofsted questions for governors
  • section 6 school governors handbook
  • avoiding influenced company status definition
  • are school governors meetings minutes public
  • local authority influenced cannot exceed 19.9%
  • avoiding influenced company status
  • ofsted handbook word version
  • governing matters

I’m glad people are thinking about influenced company status. It’s important that people who govern academies know and understand this. The blog in which I discuss this arose out of a twitter discussion which is one of the reasons why I am on twitter.

Blogging has given me the confidence to write some other pieces too. During the past year I have been fortunate enough to be asked to contribute an article for the digital journal published by the Confederation of School Trusts. I decided to focus on chairing a local governing body in a big multi-academy trust. I have also started doing blog reviews for Schools Week; the latest can be read here. If you blog on governance or know someone who does, please let me know. I would love to feature more voices from the governance world. If there are blogs which you think governors would be interested in even if they are not directly related to governance, then please send those my way too. Schools Week also published my Lockdown Diary: A week in the life of a school governor.

Visible governance is very important to me and I am happy to do my bit to raise the profile of governance and governors in any way I can. For this reason I was honoured to have been given an opportunity to speak by the Chiltern Teaching School Alliance, at IGNITE which was one of the events marking 50th anniversary of BELMAS and during the #GLTNationalInsetDay and the #BBReignite events.

I have enjoyed blogging and sharing my thoughts with you during these eight years. Thank you to all who read/comment/share my blogs. Hopefully, I’ll see you at my 9th anniversary party! Till then, stay well and keep governing.

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