Governance matters at the Festival of Education 2019

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Festival of Education at Wellington College. You will be treated to two days of inspirational speakers who will be presenting on a whole range of topics. I’m delighted that governance is represented too for which the organisers deserve our thanks. Below are the sessions relating to governance. Hope to see you there!

Thursday 20th June 2019

What do you do with a problem like ineffective governance?

Naureen Khalid and Dominic Herrington

14:15-14:55 Venue: Great School

Effective governance is crucial for schools to be able to offer the best education to pupils. When we look at failing schools we can trace problems back to ineffective governance. When failures, whether they be of falling educational standards, financial impropriety or any other type of failure, hit the press, it is already too late for many of the children studying in those schools. This session aims to explore how the sector can get better at identifying, preventing and fixing problems created by ineffective governance.

Managing a school leadership transition

Helen Batchelor

14:15-14:55 Venue: Faulks PR4

For many schools a change of head is the biggest change in the life of a school. It typically involves a transition period of at least 9-12 months between the announcement of the head’s intention to leave and the replacement starting. We present key findings from our latest research, involving chairs of governors and outgoing and incoming heads, highlighting common challenges that schools experience and identifying good practice and pitfalls.

Friday 21st June 2019

Effective governor challenge

Ruth Agnew

9:20-10:00 Venue: Faulks PR4

The session will explore: what effective challenge is and isn’t; what tools governing bodies and boards can use to bring more effective challenge; how governors can bring challenge in an informed way; practical ways school leaders can support their governing bodies/boards in bringing effective challenge (and why they should); how governing bodies and boards can avoid criticism by Ofsted.

MAT Governance-artfully crafted or a hard nut to crack? 

Louise Cooper

9:20-10:00 Venue: Royal Foundation Room

Are you struggling with MAT governance? Knowing what good looks like for the size of your MAT can be challenging. Louise Cooper of Governors for Schools presents new survey data about the roles and responsibilities of Trust boards and local governing boards at school level – covering MATs of all sizes, and in all regions of England. Hear insights from our work placing governors and trustees in MATs across the country. Plus, we’ll explore the implications of these learnings for those wanting to become a Trustee or a Governor – and what you can do to find the right people.

Culture, curriculum and vision-building blocks for sustainable growth

Tiffany Beck and Nick Osbourne

9:20-10:00 Venue: Ambition Institute Venue 3

How one multi academy trust focuses on building organisational culture, an entrepreneurial curriculum, and an ambitious vision in order to ensure thriving schools, happy staff, and sustainable growth. It all forms our Maritime Mindset – linking everything from recruitment to performance management, life skills and knowledge, child-led projects and parental engagement, and learning from a lot of mistakes along the way. About the speakers: Tiffany Beck (Chair) & Nick Osborne (CEO) started Maritime Academy Trust in 2016 and think the best learning comes from speaking to other Trusts, so they’re always happy to share their journey – the good, the bad, and the crazy.

Governance for our most disadvantaged pupils

Chris Rossiter and Karen Wespieser

10:00-10:50 Venue: Faulks PR4

Within our complex education system, developing an understanding of effective ways to meet the requirements of all learners is challenging. It is crucial that boards have a good knowledge of the context in which the setting operates, as well as the resources available both internally and across the local area. This alone will not be enough because Governors and Trustees also require a shared understanding and vocabulary. This session will introduce the SEND Governance Review Guide and how its use can improve governance and ultimately have a positive impact on our children.

Is our model of governance broken?

Andy Guest

12:20-13:00 Venue: Faulks PR4

The session will be designed to raise questions about some fundamentals of governance and its role in compliance, assurance and quality management. The aim will be to start a more fundamental debate about what we expect from governors, the key distinction between effective “governance” and effective “governors” and whether there should be more time spent in exploring the question of reforming the system to get better outcomes. It will however also come back to some pragmatic and practical issues that would allow for some of the ideas to be implemented in the here and now.

Matchmaking for academies

Katie Paxton-Dogget and Tara Paxton-Dogget

14:15-14:55 Venue: Faulks E7

The academy landscape continues to evolve with more and more schools joining or forming multi-academy trusts. Academisation offers an opportunity for schools to join together formally in a collaborative arrangement and benefit from support and development. It has been said that joining a MAT is like marriage without the option of a divorce. So, how does a school decide which MAT to join? What is the difference between them and does it really matter? This session will consider what schools should be thinking about when they start to look for their ideal life-partner. What is due diligence and why should schools start to undertake it as soon as they start to seriously consider the options?

Please let me know if I have missed out a governance related session and I will add it to the above.

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