David Weston Picks Key Points of the Teacher Workload Report

The Report of the Teacher Workload Advisory Group, chaired by Professor Becky Allen has been published recently. David Weston tweeted what he considers to be key points of this report. David’s thread is reproduced below with his permission.

Dynamite new DfE report from Professor Becky Allen group. One of the most important things anyone in school, LA and MAT leadership should read right now.

And it’s backed by *all* the major players

Let’s look at some key points.

  1. Teachers should be able to record behaviour as they happen in an MIS, not have to fill in paperwork later
  2. Schools should stop collecting teacher assessments of attainment and progress and use external or properly moderated major assessments instead. Teacher and pupil performance cannot, in most circumstances, be correctly inferred from collecting and analysing teacher assessments
  3. Schools should have *no more* than 2 or 3 data collection points each year, and even then not all classes and subjects should have to collect at the same time.
  4. Flight paths and teacher predicted grades are rarely, if ever, valid and useful in assessment systems and should not be used for monitoring.
  5. Eligibility for pay progression should *never* be based on a single set of sets of test data or exam performance for one or two classes – this is not a valid nor reliable way to judge teacher performance.
  6. Governors should not routinely see pupil progress monitoring information and should not routinely ask for complex and time consuming reports to be compiled that the organisation’s leaders would not otherwise be using themselves.
  7. Schools should avoid burdensome requirements for lengthy report writing to parents: there is nothing statutory to support this and little evidence that it’s helpful.

A massive round of applause to Professor Becky Allen and colleagues and to DfE for publishing and welcoming this.

Just found this very helpful summary

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