In Defence of Attendance Awards

This is a must read blog. It shows how thinking about a policy and adapting it to suit your context can mean that you have a policy which works for you, your students and parents. I’d urge governors to read this, especially if your school has attendance awards.


This is one of those posts that could be seen as slightly controversial but I’ll say it anyway. Lately on twitter I’ve been reading lots of tweets and threads from people who are very upset about giving attendance awards to children at the end of the year. The main reason cited is that it’s unfair to children who have medical problems and will never be able to win this award. Well as harsh as it sounds, life is actually very unfair. It’s a lesson we have to learn in life. We can’t remove the reward for all children because some can’t participate.

I am an Assistant Head at a special school in Blackpool and many of our cohort are profoundly poorly. Every day brings major challenges for our children. For some staying alive is the challenge they face on a daily basis. They are that poorly. I’m talking about children…

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