Informing governors about Ofsted inspection matters

Education, like other fields, has its fair share of myths. One of the persistent myths concerns the role of governors during an Ofsted inspection. Shena Lewington had first raised the matter of governors meeting inspectors, being able to attend the feedback meeting and seeing the draft report. Sean Harford, Ofsted’s National Director, Education, to his credit, has tried to bust the myth that not all governors can meet inspectors, attend the feedback or see the draft report again and again. This myth, however, refuses to die! This is why I am very happy to see this addressed again in the July edition of the School Inspection Update (Issue 14). I am copying the relevant passage below.

Informing governors about an inspection

It has been brought to our attention that some schools have not informed all of their governors/trustees about the inspection of their school, nor invited them to meet inspectors during the inspection.

Inspectors should make clear to the headteacher, at the start of the inspection, that all governors/trustees must be informed of the inspection and that arrangements should be made for inspectors to meet the chair of governors/chair of the board of trustees and as many governors/trustees as possible during the inspection, and that as many governors/trustees as possible should also be invited to attend the final feedback meeting.

There you have it! Governors and trustees must be informed that their school is being inspected. The school should make arrangements so as many governors/trustees can meet inspectors/attend the feedback meeting as possible. Ofsted and Sean do all they can to publicise this. People sometimes say that not everyone is on twitter and so these clarifications are missed by those who aren’t. It is therefore appreciated that the school inspection update has clarified this yet again. It is up to us as school leaders/governors/trustees to keep ourselves informed by reading these updates. Please pass this on to your chair/head/governors/trustees and governor/trustee colleagues in other schools so that we can all help kill this myth once and for all!


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