Fifth anniversary matters

On 28th March 2018 I will reach a milestone; this blog will be five years old! When I started blogging all those years ago, I wasn’t sure how long I would keep blogging. I certainly didn’t think people would read and follow my blog. I’m happy that the number of views has been gradually increasing; the number of views in 2017 was ten times more than the views when I started! The number of followers has also increased over the years and is now in triple figures. Thank you to all of you who read, comment and share my blog.

A look at the year that was:

The top ten most viewed posts:

10. Five governance principles that matter

9. New governor induction matters

8. Competency Framework matters; knowledge and skills needed by all (7th last year)

7. Elected governors and removal from office matters

6. Good practice matters for governing bodies (10th last year)

5. Staff wellbeing matters Part 2

4. Competency framework matters-The slides (5th last year)

3. Ofsted questions for governors (3rd last year)

2. Questions you may be asked and other inspection matters (top post last year)

And the most viewed post was

1. Ofsted grade descriptors, Sept 2105 Guest post by Shena Lewington (2nd last year).

The five most used search terms which led users to my blog were

1. Ofsted grade descriptors

2. Ofsted questions fro governors

3. Amazon (this surprised me!).

4. Ofsted categories

5. Governing matters

This year two of my blogs made it to the list of Top Blogs of the Week in Schools Week. Andrew Old  chose my post “Staff wellbeing Part 2” as one of his top blogs of the week. He had this to say about it.

This is an unusual post in that while the issues it discusses are absolutely critical in the lives of teachers, it is actually aimed at governors. It consists of a list of questions that governors can ask school leaders to address whether school culture is good for teacher wellbeing and whether workload and work-life balance are reasonable. Questions include “do you ask what is being dropped to accommodate new initiatives?” and “how do you/your school leaders deal with requests to go part time?”

The latest edition of Schools Week had Iesha Small’s top blogs. She chose one of my blogs and as it is the month my blog turns five, this was a lovely present! Iesha chose “MAT expansion and cultural matters” and wrote

“The governors of schools thinking of joining a MAT also need to understand the culture,” explains Naureen Khalid, a school governor. Governors are often forgotten in discussions about school leadership: a good governing team can be a huge asset and governors do play an important part in the selection of a senior leadership team. A poor board of governors can leave important questions unasked and unanswered that ultimately damage the long-term future of a school. Here, Khalid writes about a topic I’ve not often seen addressed: the considerations that a governing body needs to make when thinking of joining a MAT. She specifically focuses on culture. Standalone schools and academies can set a particular ethos and that is often what draws parents to them. This blog explores how governors can ensure that existing cultures are compatible with new academy partners.

People found my blog via search engines, Twitter and Facebook (showing that it helps to blog your blog to your Twitter/Facebook accounts), Schools Week, EchoChamber and via Robin MacPherson’s blog (Robin had also blogged about wellbeing and had referred to my blog in his post).

My blog, surprisingly, was viewed in 64 countries. Many obviously would have ended up here by mistake as I don’t know why anyone living in Taiwan for example, would be interested in school governance in England!

I enjoy blogging as it gives me a chance to put down my thoughts, tell people where I stand on various issues and enter into debate on governance related topics. I also use it as an archive for
various links, reports etc (for example see my end of the year review post. Thank you to everyone who reads and comments on my blogs. Hopefully, I’ll see you at the 6th anniversary party too!

3 thoughts on “Fifth anniversary matters

  1. seankfletcher

    Congratulations on reaching your fifth anniversary. The principles of good governance are not only universal, but forever evolving. Keep up the great job you are doing and I look forward to what you will have to share with the governance community over the coming year. 🎂🎂🎂


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