Some of the questions about the role of the SEND Governor which matter

The other day StarLightMckenzie led a @UKGovChat discussion on “How can governors ensure SEND gets the attention it deserves?”  There were some very important questions raised during the discussion. I thought it would be helpful to collate them here.

  • Do you consider it good practice to have a single SEND Governor even though it’s the responsibility of whole GB?
  • Where SEND is key role for one governor, how do we ensure the rest of the GB take responsibility?
  • Does it make a difference if the SEND governor has SEND themselves or is the parent of a SEND child?
  • Should the SENDCo work closely with and report to the SEND Governor, if there is one, to ensure best practice for all?
  • How often should the SEND governor meet with the SENDCo?
  • Is it better for the SEND Governor role to be taken on by a parent, community or staff Governor, ideally?
  • Should the GB ask to see documents to show how all trips are made fully SEND accessible for all?
  • What SEND specific training or knowledge is essential for a GB to fulfil their duty?
  • Should the SEND Governor meet with the SENDCo frequently and if so, how frequent should the meetings be?  What about other staff members?
  • How do you know if children with SEND are achieving their potential?
  • Aside from progress, on what else should the SEND Governor challenge the school?
  • Do you think there is a need for a SEND Governors to network and support each other across schools/nationally?

A question which was posed on Twitter after the chat: What should we do if we find SEND but without EHCP making less progress than those with?

If you would like to read the entire chat then please click here.


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