Ofsted feedback and draft report matters

Autumn term’s school inspection update has been published which has important messages for inspectors but these should be read by us all too. Sean has, very kindly, written about governors and the inspection feedback and access to the draft report which  will reassure governors. I’ve copied the passage below.

I have picked up that there are still cases where governor representatives who have not been present at the feedback meeting are being informed that the provisional judgement from the inspection cannot be shared with them. This is not the case. Every member of the appropriate governing authority of a school is entitled to know, in confidence, the inspection outcome, regardless of whether or not they attended the feedback meeting. Similarly, when the draft report is shared with the school, all governor representatives are entitled to see the report, along with relevant senior personnel as determined by the school.

Sean has previously answered governors’ queries about this and this topic has also been included in the inspections handbooks. Hopefully, this latest inspection update will finally lay this myth to rest.

2 thoughts on “Ofsted feedback and draft report matters

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