Third anniversary matters

Three years ago, in March, I set up this blog. As blogs go, three years is not very long, but I am happy that I have managed to keep blogging. I may be the only one who looks at blog stats but the fact that three years ago the blog was viewed just over 2,000 times and now the number of views is much, much higher makes me very happy. In the last few days my post on the White Paper has been viewed so many times that WordPress told me my stats were booming!

The two posts I enjoyed writing and feel were the most useful ones were Understanding academy governance terms matters and Busting the myth about Ofsted draft report matters. The first post will, I feel, get many more views now because of the White Paper. The second post continues to be important as there are still people out there who think that the draft inspection report cannot be shared with all governors.

The post which received the most views was Questions you may be asked and other Ofsted Inspection matters. Ofsted, in fact featured in the top five most viewed posts; Ofsted Questions for Governors (second most viewed) and Short Ofsted inspection matters; a Chair’s story (fourth most viewed). The other two posts in the top five were Heads’ reports to GBs; good relationships matter (third) and The Governance handbook Contents: Working out what’s new matters. Part 1 (fifth).

Ofsted also featured in the top five search terms which led readers to the blog.

  • Ofsted questions for governors
  • Ofsted grade descriptors 2015
  • Governing matters
  • Questions Ofsted ask governors
  • Governors Ofsted questions

Just over a year ago (on 12th February 2015) I published Does it matter if there is no central record of governors? in which I argued against a central register of governors. The White Paper has made it clear that DfE will go ahead with this. Edubase will be extended to record this information with schools and governing bodies required to submit details of governors from September 2016.

I was surprised to see the stats for the “About” page. Andrew Old, the blogging guru, advises bloggers to keep this page updated. I do check out the About page when I come across a new blog. Seeing the number of times my About page has been visited means others do too.

Many of you know I have another blog too which I set up in order to write about non-governance matters. I don’t think I would have set that up if I hadn’t had such positive feedback on this one. One of my posts from that blog (Why I am not a woman of colour) even made it on to Andrew’s list of  top blogs of the week which made me very happy, as you can imagine.

I enjoy blogging as it gives me a chance to put down my thoughts, tell people where I stand on various issues and enter into debate on governance related topics. I also use it as an archive for various links, reports etc (see for example my end of year review). Blogging also gave me a chance to thank Shena, who’s blog, Clerk to Governors, was the first blog I followed. Shena is a font of all governance knowledge. She will be missed when she puts her pen away. The very best of luck for whatever you do next, Shena.

Though I blog for myself, I’d like to thank all of you who read, comment and share my posts. I hope I’ll see you all at the 4th birthday party too! Governance is undergoing change at a very fast pace. It would be interesting to see what the future holds for governors and governance.

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