Gratitude matters; thank you @ClerktoGovernor

Today marks the end of era. Shena Lewington, known to many of us as Clerk to Governor, announced that, after June,  she is putting her pen away and, in her words, she is “done with edu everything”.


I have known Shena for a long time now. I started following her blog when I became a governor. Her blog is the most valuabe source for governors there is. My hotmail account has a folder named Clerk to Governors so that I can find emails from her blog quickly.

When I  found out that Clerk to Governor was on Twitter, I immediately signed up so I could follow her. So, I have Shena to thank for introducing me to Twitter.

If you are a governor or interested in education (especially governance), you probably know about her blog. Its one of the richest, if not THE richest, source of information. Shena has used it to collect infromation, resources, links, extracts, etc and has created the most valuable bank of information there is. If I’ve needed to find anything the first place I’ve always looked is her blog. I have, on many occasions, also tweeted and emailed her asking for help and she is always, always come through. Shena regularly asks Ofsted and DfE for clarifications for us and gets them! It is Shena we have to thank for getting Ofsted to clarify that all governors, not just a select few, can meet the inspectors during an Ofsted inspection, attend the feedback meeting and have access to the draft report.

I sometimes wonder if Shena ever sleeps! No sooner does DfE release/update something that Shena blogs about it. The latest example of this is her post on DBS checks being made mandatory for governors. For those of us who are nerdy enough to read and analyse the handbooks, Shena, very kindly, provides us with Word versions of these. (DfE take note please. After June you need to do this when you update the handbooks!).

I have also asked for Shena’s help via Twitter and she has always responded. And its not only me who turns to her, Ofsted does too! She, along with few others, was invited to visit Ofsted headquarters as Mike Cladingbowl had read and enjoyed her blog.

Those of you who follow her blog would also have read her compositions on governance. If you haven’t you really, really must!

Shena, as you can see from above, is a wonderful source of information and help for governors but, more importantly, for me, she is a wonderful and lovely friend. So, this may be goodbye to Clerk to Governors but it will never be farewell to Shena, the friend.

Phot Credit: Shena Lewington
A shorter version of this post was published on Staffrm

Update: The post received the following comments on Facebook.

  • Fee Stagg:  And it’s huge thank you from me too…..
  • Stuart Blunden Nooooo……
  • Nick Johnson Also many thanks from me, have used Shena’s blog on many occasions and then have basically repeated it to my GB to make myself look and sound competent. Hope I won’t get found out now….



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