Second Anniversary Matters

This blog is now two years old (it turned two on 28th March). I know that as blogs go, two years is very young, but I am happy and proud to have reached this milestone.

My first post was on governor training. Training was the topic I came back to again and I’m sure I will continue to blog about it in the future too.

The posts which had the most views were

Search terms most frequently used by readers which led people to my blog were

  • Ofsted questions for governors
  • Ofsted questions for governors
  • Questions Ofsted may ask
  • How to answer Ofsted questions
  • How to answer Ofsted questions

As you can see from the most read posts and search terms, Ofsted was the topic readers were most interested in. This also explains why the account of my visit to Ofsted headquarters where I met Mike Cladingbowl and discussed governance and inspection with him was amongst the ten most read posts. Readers were also interested in finding out more about me which meant that the About page also made it into the list of the top posts. When I had started blogging this page had very little detail about me. While helping Andrew Old add missing details on the spreadsheet of bloggers he was he was compiling, I realised how important the About page is. I then went back to mine and added more details.

I was asked to contribute a post to The Schoolbus and to Paritor Quorum which I was very happy to do so. While writing the latter one I returned to the topic which is very close to my heart, governor training.

The post which had the most comments on Facebook was the one in which I discussed why academies needed to be aware of and avoid becoming an influenced company. The post which needed the greatest deal of research was the one in which I reviewed 2104 from a governor’s perspective. This is something I may do at the end of 2015 too as it means I can collate all the important information and links and they are then easily accessible to everyone.

The post which had the most likes and comments from bloggers who aren’t governors was the one about blogging!

So, from a blogging point of view, this has been a busy but enjoyable year for me. Thank you to all who have read, commented and shared my posts. Hopefully, I’ll see you all at my third birthday party!


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