Understanding the Head/GB relationship matters

The relationship between Heads/SLT and governing bodies is a very important one, one which is essential to get right. Both have their respective roles to play as far as leading schools is concerned and it is essential that both understand what these respective roles are. It is also essential to understand where they stand in the relationship. When this relationship works well, the school benefits and when it breaks down, for whatever reason, the school suffers. I am planning to write two posts to explore this relationship; one will discuss what heads expect from their boards and the other about what the governors expect from their heads.

My aim in wanting to write these two posts is to try and play my part in helping both understand where the other is coming from. If we understand what is expected of us we can work out how to deliver that. Unless we know how to play our part in this relationship we will not get very far in building and sustaining a healthy relationship.

It is also possible that the expectations we have of each other are wrong. In this case these posts will not be trying to blame any one side for the breakdown in the relationship but  will, hopefully, give each side the opportunity to explain why they can’t deliver that expectation. At the end of the day we are doing what we are doing for the children in our schools. The better we can work together the better we can serve these children.

In order to get an idea of the expectations we have of each other I have designed a simple, short survey. This is an anonymous survey so your head or GB will not know you have filled it and you can be as open as you like. In fact, these posts will only serve their purpose if you ARE open and honest. Please do fill the survey which can be accessed through this link. Many thanks.


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