#Nurture 1415. Reflections and hopes both matter

Either I am getting older or the years really are flying by faster than they used too! For what it’s worth, here is my #Nurture1415 post.


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My 2014 highlights.

    1. Believe it or not, Ofsted, is one! We were inspected in March. This was my second inspection since becoming a governor. This one, however, was more stressful for me personally as I was one of the governors who met the team. Thankfully, we were judged to be outstanding across the board. I also got to meet Mike Cladingbowl for a one to one session during which I got to ask Ofsted questions rather than the other way around! Those of you who have met Mike know that he is just the type of person Ofsted needed! With him there Ofsted started listening and engaging.
    2. The Head at my school retired last December so the Board had to recruit a new one. Appointing the Head is perhaps one of the most important decisions a governing board will make. We appointed an interim one and then appointed to the substantive post. I was a member of the appointing panel both times and though it was hard work I did enjoy it.
    3. I have been blogging on governance pretty regularly and thanks to Andrew Old and The Echo Chamber I am getting a steady stream of views which is why, although I didn’t publish a book I was asked to contribute posts by TheSchoolBus and Paritor Quorum, so that’s a start!
    4. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I’m a bit of a conference junkie! 2014 was a great year for conferences. I attended NGA Conferences and a joint BELMAS/NGA one. I went to my first ResearchEd and promised myself to go to as many as I could in the future (if someone has a few pounds spare, I’d love a ticket to Sydney or New York!). I met many people I had previously only “spoken to” on Twitter, including Loic Mezies, Laura McInerney, Andrew Old, Gwen Nelson, Tom Bennet, Sam Freedman, Micon Metcalf, Andrew Wilkins, Jacqueline Baxter , Dr Megan Crawford , Julia Skinner and many more. Most of these meetings were at various conferences but I had a surreal experience of discussing the existence or otherwise of a fox with Stuart Lock and Martin Robinson at a curry house! Yes, really! Though not a conference I did enjoy the Shipwarming which was a lovely chance to talk, listen and discuss education. It also meant I got to meet, amongst others, Ruth Kennedy, Eleanor Bernardes and Anna Tretheway. So, thank you, Loic, for the invitation.
    5. On a personal level, the biggest change was when my daughter left home to go to university. Those of you who have gone through the stresses of proof reading personal statements, UCAS applications and A Level results day know what a difficult time this is for the whole family. As she wanted to study medicine we (I say we because although it was her it felt it was me too!) went through the UKCAT stress as well. This stress, however, was nothing compared to what we faced in Prague. As she had her heart set on Medicine she had decided to sit the entrance test in Prague as her insurance. She has written about the whole experience if any of you are interested. Thankfully, she managed to secure a place in Exeter. I am still coming to terms with not having her living at home. I have been known to call her down for dinner and to buy snacks for her when I do so for the other two. She is enjoying herself and though I’m very happy for her, I don’t half miss her!


This is something I’m very proud of too. My orchid bloomed after remaining flowerless for over a year! So, although this is supposed to be a list of five, I’m going to cheat by not giving it a number and posting the photograph because I reckon people can’t get too angry at me for cheating if they see a picture of a lovely flower (and not a cat in sight!).

My hopes for 2015


Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  1. December 2014 will be known as the year students and teachers were slaughtered in Peshawar, Pakistan. I have written about this elsewhere so won’t say anything more here save for that my biggest wish is for 2015 to be the year this madness stops forever.
  2. Few other governors and I are exploring the possibility of setting up a local governors’ association. The idea is to provide a forum which governors can use for networking and sharing of good practice. I hope we will be able to get this off the ground in 2015.
  3. I have enjoyed Twitter and blogging in 2014 and hope both will become even better in 2015. I also help Jo Penn run @UKGovChat which is a brilliant form of governor CPD as well as a way of networking. Many of my governor friendships have started while participating in these chats. I hope that 2015 will see #ukgovchat go from strength to strength and become bigger and even better.
  4. During 2014 I successfully completed the NCTL Chair Development Programme. The background reading and writing up has whet my appetite for more of the same. During 2015 I will be researching various options of what I can do next.
  5. I used to try and walk around three miles every day. I got out of the habit of doing so when I went away on holiday in the summer. I aim to put my walking boots back on in 2015.

9 thoughts on “#Nurture 1415. Reflections and hopes both matter

  1. missmcinerney

    What an amazing year Naureen. You’ve done a great deal to switch me on to governance, too. It’s not an area I know well (even now) but people like yourself and Jo are making such a difference to my understanding. Thank you. Looking forward to more in 2015.

    1. governingmatters Post author

      Thank you, Laura for reading and commenting. Jo and I both passionate about governance and will talk for hours on it to anyone who’ll listen! We may try and get you to follow your mother and become a governor!

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  4. Julia Skinner @theheadsoffice

    2014 was certainly a great one for me as far as you are concerned Naureen because that is when we ‘met’. I love having you in my PLN & hope that we might get to meet in 2015.

    1. governingmatters Post author

      Thanks Julia. I feel I know you so well that I thought we met in 2013! Have now amended my post and added your name to those I met in 2014. And, yes I hope we can meet again soon for a proper, long chat.

  5. jillberry102

    I enjoyed reading this, Naureen! Nice to be able to get to know you a little better. Thanks for sharing it.


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