Hashtags governors (and others) may find useful as Twitter matters!

I’ve not been on Twitter for very long. In this short time I’ve built up a circle of virtual friends, many of whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in real life too. Twitter has also been very useful as a CPD tool and this became very clear after we set up @UKGovChat. Our followers meet on Sunday nights for a chat and virtual cake! The #UKGovChat hashtag is now well known amongst governors. This, however, is not the only hashtag we governors find useful. Many of us take part and contribute to other chat sessions and gain a lot from them too.

I decided to make a list of the various hashtags I’ve been using over these last few months. It then occurred to me that I should make this list public. This would serve two purposes. Firstly, I’m sure I’ve missed many hashtags and making the list public would mean that people will be able to add to this list. Secondly, I hope that others may find this list useful too. So, please go ahead and use it, add to it and tell others about it. I would request that when you add something to the list, you maintain the alphabetical order. That just makes it easier for people to search. If the hashtag is for a chat session, then please add the day and time of the session as well so that others who may want to join in can do so. Hashtags don’t have to be governance related, but I would request that they be related to education (so no #Sherlocklives, please!).


For those of you not familiar with Googledocs, adding hashtags is very simple. Click on the row you want to add above or below to. Click Table at the top of the page. Click Insert Row Above or Insert Row Below as the case maybe. The simply type in the hashtag. The changes are updated and saved automatically and will be visible to anyone who accesses the document after you.

I hope you will find this of some use and I hope by your adding to the document I will discover many more useful hashtags.

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